FEG Eyelash Enhancer

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FEG eyelash enhancer is 100% pure natural plant formula, it doesn/'t have any drugs, side effects, but can take good care of the eyelash, make it busy, longer, more attractive!Therefore, it can fundamentally solve the problem of eyelash is the most effective and safe way!FEG eyelash enhancer with advanced research and production.At the same time, with the world/'s leading Micro - molecule processing technology, added a unique eyelash growth factory - xx formula, and achieve the goal of make eyelash natural growth and bush and health, prevent problems of other normal eyelash product maintenance, can hardly absorb nutrients;Adipose bead shape easily, sensitive skin does not adapt FEG eyelash enhancer is the only effective and healthy eyelash growth products approved by FDA.

Usage :

1 times a night, after cleansing, use brush eyelash growth liquid extract, smear from the eyelash root to the top.Use twice a day, morning and evening, more visible results.
General users, the shortest 7 days, can feel the eyelash growth, become thick, black.Use 16 weeks can fully feel the effect, in order to maintain the effect, need sustainable use.If you don/'t use for weeks or months (hair growth cycle), eyelash will revert to its original